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New version of popular small business e-commerce application now integrates with most any database. June 21, 2000 -- Imacination Software today released the acclaimed sequel to the most popular small business e-commerce application.

Merchants and developers can now add credit card processing, remote administration, and extensive shipping and taxing features to existing FileMaker Pro, 4D, or ODBC databases, or create the most robust of online stores with included templates. Combined with a Mac OS or Windows Web server you have a complete store front solution. Merchants using Ch-Ching! gain maximum design control, security, scalability and functionality available for online stores.


Your new online store will sport features such as secure credit card processing*, UPS and USPS online shipping pricing, and complete web based administration. Find out why Apple Computer, Inc. endorses Imacination as "Best of E-commerce Class!"

Design - Easily design your Web store with most popular graphical Web editors including Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver. No custom programming necessary.

Deployment - Build your store on either Mac OS or Windows platforms and deploy on either interchangably without modifications.

Scalability - Stores can operate as stand-alone applications or integrate with your existing FileMaker, or 4D business applications.

Performance - Stores containing thousands of products return search results in tenths of a second.

Payment Processing - Real-time credit card and electronic check processing via multiple financial transaction networks. Offline payment processing also supported, including COD, and company purchase orders.

Security - Supports Web servers running SSL v2 and SSL v3.

Administration - Complete remote administration via a Web browser on virtually any platform. On-site administration can be performed by any Mac OS or Windows computer on the network.

Flexibility - Desing solutions that operate and appear unique. Exclusive shipping features supports custom shipping and handling configurations. Direct support of UPS OnLine shipping pricing and tracking.

Database Architechture - Store and retrieve customer data. Produce dynamic content based on any search criteria or variable. Design auto-populating templates. High performance internal database stores custom store settings and fields.

*online credit card processing may require fees imposed by merchant bank.