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Frequently Asked Questions

New version of popular small business e-commerce application now integrates with most any database. June 21, 2000 -- Imacination Software today released the acclaimed sequel to the most popular small business e-commerce application.

How many stores can I have with each Ch-Ching! licence? The Ch-Ching! application is one store per license. Additional stores can be created using Ch-Ching!, but must be licensed separately.

Can multiple stores be run effectively on the same server? Ch-Ching! is designed to handle one store per server. A special "ISP" edition allows multiple, indivisually licensed stores to operate on the same server with their own unique domain name.

What will I need to process credit cards automatically? Your business will first need a merchant account. If you currently process credit cards, then you have a merchant account. Further, you will need a transaction gateway account through VeriSign Payment Systems that Ch-Ching! will integrate directly with to process your credit cards online.

If I don't want to sign up for a credit card transaction gateway, can I still accept credit cards? Yes. Ch-Ching! will store the credit card numbers submitted by your customers for your retrieval. Later you can process them by hand.

Is there limitation in number of products per store? No. Customers use Ch-Ching! with as many as 60,000 products or more.

Is there limitaion in number of products per shopping cart? No. Your customers can insert as many products as you sell into their shopping cart.

Can Ch-Ching! deliver files purchased by the customer after the sale? Yes. Ch-Ching! will issue a URL to the customer to retrieve their files after purchase that will only allow them to retrieve the purchased files and no other files.

Do I need the Lasso Web Data Engine? Yes. Lasso as well as a compatible Web server is required inorder to run Ch-Ching!. If you do not have Lasso or do not intend on purchasing Lasso, you can still build an online store hosted by Imacination that requires no software to purchase.