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Available at an estimated retail price of $745 U.S., Ch-Ching! is compatible with the following platforms and Web servers:

Mac OS Web Servers:
Tenon WebTen
Apple ASIP
Lasso Integrated Web Server

Windows Web Servers:
Microsoft Internet Information Server
Netscape Enterprise Server

Web Site Editors:
Adobe GoLive
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Bare Bones BBEdit
Softpress Freeway

Compatible Databases:
FMI FileMaker Pro
4D Inc., 4D

System Requirements:
Lasso Web Data Engine for FileMaker or 4D required for use with Ch-Ching!. For a version of Ch-Ching that does not require Lasso, please see our Online Store Hosting.


Database Independent
• FileMaker Pro
• ACI 4D
• ODBC 2.1 datasources including: PrimeBase, SQL Server, and Oracle

• Exclusive APIs support shipping control

Extend Database functionality
• Invoke timed and action based database actions including: On and Before Triggers for all actions

Instantly Enable E-Commerce
• HTML based administration easily adapts other databases for E-Commerce with no change to HTML

• Store customer usernames and passwords for future logins and purchases
• Find customers by purchase date

Robust Security
• Restricted actions based on database
• Hacker tamper prevention of product and order pricing
• Secured storage of credit card numbers

Robust Shipping configurations
• Support for common mail-order shipping pricing, or custom shipping and handling with unlimited shipping rules


Compatible Authoring Tools
• Design in familiar environments such as: Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Freeway, NetObjects Fusion

Tag-based Syntax
• Easy to use Lasso DHTML tag syntax

Popular example stores
• Templates designed in popular graphics packages publish attractive stores rapidly


• Multiple currency support including EURO
• Rich currency formatting control

Custom Cart Management
• Set length of time customer carts live in customer's browser

Automated Routines
• Queue routine events and maintenance scripts at set intervals

• Support multiple unique Global taxes, National Taxes, and State/Province Taxes
• Individually apply taxes based on products or globally
• Support for Shipping and Handling Taxes

Credit Card Processing
• Real-time support for credit card processing via Verisign Payment Systems.
• Additional support for offline processing of credit cards
• Validate card numbers online even when processing offline to prevent customer mistakes

Email Invoices
• Receive invoices by email for every processed order
• Automatically route multiple copies to different addresses, such as shipping, sales, etc...

Powerful search features
• Publish MacOS Sherlock Plug-ins
• Find products by price range, category, subcategory, etc...
• Auto-generated Navigational Category and Subcategory side bar

Product Configuration
• Multiple product level attributes, such as unique sizes or colors
• Multiple global attributes shared across all products
• Cross relate products for display in searches
• Store and retrieve shipping dimensions and weight

Order Reporting
• Track sales by customer or by item

Remote Administration
• Edit Value lists Remotely
• Add, Update, and Delete Products
• Add, Update, and Delete Customers
• Retrieve Order information
• Set order status and shipping confirmation