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To contact an Imacination sales representative about consulting engagements, please call 800-244-5332, or send email to [email protected].

Key Features
Proven experience
On-time delivery
Broad Expertise
Leading-Edge Technologies

Example Solutions
Customer care
Directory systems
Internet and intranet portals

Industries Served

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Need a seasoned professional to build your business from concept to profit? Give your initiative the necessary inertia to suceed, Imacination Software Professional Services can deploy your online store or powerful web applications, quickly and proficiently.


Imacination Software has long been the premier developer of E-commerce sites for small and medium businesses since 1997. We have a consistent track record of implementing our clients concepts into reality using innovative concepts and broad experience base. Recognized by Apple Computer, Inc. as the "Best" of E-commerce class our commercial software has been implemented by thousands. Our clients include small business retailers and Fortune 1000 businesses alike, universities and educational institutions, and dot-coms Internet companies.


Ontime delivery is critical to any initiative. This is ensured by Imacination maintaining a staff of broad skill sets that complement and complete each other and the customer's initiative. Our goal is deliver superior solutions to the greatest number of customers, not stretch time. We do this by focusing the clients concepts into realistically obtainable goals given their resources and timetable.

We are well poised to develop and deploy your solution due to:

  • The broadest library of reusable software solutions that is reused and tested over and over again. This enables us to save weeks, even months of development time and expense by leveraging our work.
  • The broadest experience in many technology sectors to bring the best approach to the your solution.


Imacination's professional development services draws on the expertise of an accomplished group of consulting engineers, application designers, and project managers. The expert skills of our staff address all stages of a project:

  • Project planning and management
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Graphic and user interface design
  • Design and Deployment
  • Scalability and performance testing
  • Post-deployment maintenance

Our consulting team are often members of our software development team, having access to all the resources of Imacination Software.

Leading-edge technologies

Our Profession Services Group is committed to developing solutions utilizing the latest proven industry standards with an eye toward performance, flexibility, and future extensibility that best serve our clients. We utilize technologies such as:

  • Leading web-application servers, WebSphere, JRun, Resin, and Lasso
  • Heterogenous environments and platforms such as Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows NT and 2000
  • Data sources such as Oracle, SQLServer, Primebase, and client applications such as FileMaker Pro and 4D.
  • Multiple standards and other de facto technologies, including
    • Java, JSP
    • XML, HTML
    • HTTP and S-HTTP, SSL
    • LDAP, SMTP

Give your organization a competitive edge. Call on the experts, we will combine experience, expertise, leading-edge technologies, and the ability to work fast to create custom Internet solutions built just for you.