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Quick Geek Fact:
Using jTalk you can build entire web applications without a single JSP directive.

English Translation:
jTalk's rich tag language enables developers to build entire applications leveraging the power of the ubiquitous Java Application Server without knowing any Java or JSP.

Success Story
Gameporium.com used Imacination's Professional Development Services to enable customers to safely battle space aliens. Read More.


jTalkThe definitive JSP tag library, jTalk is the essential e-business platform for building dynamic and interactive web applications. Installed in any Java Application Server, the jTalk application enables web developers to perform pooled database connections, logic and expression parsing, rich math computation, and powerful variable and server control.

jTalk is deployable on virtually every platform and integrates with hundreds of database servers via JDBC. jTalk harnesses the power of server-side Java, Java Application Servers and JSP, all in a simple syntax that is easy enough for HTML designers and powerful enough for seasoned developers.


jTalk has been built from the ground up by the leading web application engineers1, with you in mind. Every function has been tried and tested in real-world scenarios. The features you will read about all equate to shortest development cycle, fastest time to market.

Development - jTalk's HTML-like, XML tag language allows you easily develop your web applications in your favorite development environment from rich text editors to most popular graphical Web editors including Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Deployment - Deploy your web applications ubiquitously. jTalk works on virtually every platform, supporting Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Scalability - Support for server clustering including distributed sessions. jTalk can be scaled both vertically (distribution between front and back-end servers) and horizontally (load session distribution between Application Servers). jTalk is the enterprise companion.

Performance - Applications written in jTalk are precompiled into native code and executed at runtime. Further jTalk applications participate in Java Application Server caching, providing superior performance over all interpreted languages, including Perl, PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion.

Database Connection ManagerAdministration - Included database schema and data browser allows developers to administer their database design and content remotely and visually using any web browser.

Database Independant - jTalk's database integration language is datasource neutral and works perfectly with any JDBC enabled datasource. Build dynamic SQL queries easily and take advantage of database connection pools for superior performance.

1 Apple Computer has nominated Imacination Software as Best of E-commerce class.

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