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Pooled Database Connections

Making the business case for jTalk.
The following preview outlines the key features and benefit analysis of jTalk, incorporating screenshots and example code snippets.

jTalk solves the following critical business problems experienced by all web application developers:


Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a novice, every database driven application requires building connections to a database. At best this process is intensive and often times proprietary to a specific Application Server, effectively rendering your application non-portable.

At worst, this process is done with every query, using code generated by a popular application editor, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Graphical Database Manager

Database Connection ManagerUsing jTalk makes it easy to do the tasks every developer needs. A graphical, web-based, interface enables you to build connections to an unlimited number of JDBC datasources. Here you can manage and test your connections ensuring usefulness of your datasources throughout your application.

Once connected, the jTalk database manager allows you to access your data by creating visual queries, inserting, updating and deleting rows. jTalk works the way you do by allowing you visualize your database schema and even create new tables, and columns. Best of all, using one interface you can access all of this functionality simply using a web browser from anywhere in the world. One uniform interface, any connected database.

Resource Thrifty

By allowing you to automatically build a shared pool of database connections you can reduce the number of transactions to your database and thereby significantly improve performance. Instead of maintaining an open connection for every possible transaction, your applications will be able to borrow already opened, freed connections from the pool and return them to use when the transaction is complete. This will save CPU resources and memory!

Performance Boon

jTalk eliminates the slowest process of every database query. Through jTalk's proprietary connection management technology, jTalk pre-opens and dutifully maintains connections to your named database, eliminating the costliest event of all, opening a new connection, prior to performing a query. This feature alone saves seconds and even minutes off of every database query.

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