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Ubiquitous Deployment

Making the business case for jTalk.
The following preview outliness the key features and benefit analysis of jTalk, incorporating screenshots and example code snippets.

jTalk solves the following critical business problems experienced by all web application developers:


Develop Anywhere, Deploy Anywhere

Paramount to most businesses is the ability to develop in the environment that is most comfortable to the developer regardless of the deployment target. Write once, deploy anywhere is the message of Java, and we have embraced it fully, taking every effort to ensure that jTalk deploys ubiquitously within every Application Server. And while that concept is inherent in the Application Server specifications, differences in interpretation have made it impossible for most tag libraries to tout ubiquitous deployment.

How can jTalk? Through our vast experience with Application Servers, our engineers have focused the architecture of jTalk to work under the strictest of circumstances. What does this mean to your company? Tag libraries are often designed around Tomcat, a free, open-source Java-based Application Server developed under the Jakarta project at the Apache Software Foundation. Tomcat's loose interpretation of the JSP specifications emanates in spurious results when tag libraries are used elsewhere.

How do I know if my Application Server adheres to a loose or strict interpretation of the JSP specifications? You may never know until your mission critical application fails. However, using jTalk you are ensured that the applications you build will perform as expected. Over and over again.

Bring your Business Together

Using jTalk, everyone can collaborate on a project. Application developers can build the business layer while designers independently work on the presentation layer and unite seemlessly. Using the language that is robust enough for developers and easy enough for designers, your company will become instantly more productive as everyone can work together sharing concepts.


Your design team will never again be alienated from your development team as everyone will be able to easily understand the simple to use scripting language. Further, jTalk's XML-based tags will allow your design team to work right within their favorite design tools and environments.

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