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Distinguishing Features

Frequently Asked Questions


Available for a retail price of US-$1295, purchase jTalk now for $999 for a limited time. jTalk is compatible with the following servers and platforms:

Application Servers
Specific documentation is included for installing jTalk with the following servers:

  • Borland Enterprise Server
  • JBoss
  • Jetty
  • JRun Server
  • iPlanet Application Server
  • Lutris EAS
  • Orion Application Server
  • Resin
  • SilverStream eXtend Application Server
  • ServletExec
  • Tomcat
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • WebLogic Server

Compatible Databases
jTalk integrates with any JDBC enabled datasource, including:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

System Requirements
jTalk requires a Java 2 runtime environment and a Java Application Server supporting JavaServer Pages 1.1 and Servlet 1.2 specifications or later.


Datasource control

SQL Query Control
• Set maximum number of rows to retrieve and/or skip in the ResultSet
• Store column results to page, request, session and application scope for easy retrieval
• Execute non-threaded queries to increase application performance
• Use natural SQL expressions
• Pre-processes dynamic placeholder elements before executing queries
• Automate binding request parameters to SQL INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT Queries with parameter filtration support

Data retrieval
• Retrieve column results without schema information
• Retrieve column results from various scopes

Query Encoding
• Supports automatic SQL encoding for dynamic elements in SQL queries

ResultSet Variables
• Automatically retrieve and display found count, modified number of rows, and first and last row displayed resulting from SQL queries
• Create conditional processing when result sets have previous or more rows undisplayed

Row Retrieval
• Loop through ResultSet rows from any query stored in any scope

Dynamic Links
• Builds dynamic links to next and previous result sets from any SQL query
• Supports CSS for link stylizing

Data Control

Compatible Authoring Tools
• Design in familiar environments such as Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Dreamweaver and various Text/Source Editors

• Build powerful, nested, if-then-else conditional operations for tremendous data presentation and business logic control
• Evaluate and process data on a specific repetitions of any looping tags

• Store and retrieve data in variables
• Supports storing variables in page, request, session and application scopes
• Created variables can be used in JSP directives and/or accessed as JSP script variables
• Use variables as dynamic data for conditional statements, or SQL queries

• Apply rich encoding schemes to any other jTalk tag
• Object-Oriented structure requires no additional code to support encoding
• Supports URL, HTML, XML, RSS, Unicode and JavaScript encoding

• Apply rich formatting schemes to any other jTalk tag
• Object-Oriented structure requires no additional code to support formatting
• Supports casting for case, trimming objects, encryption/decryption, as well as date, ISO date, number and currency formatting

Error Handling
• Build robust exception handling for development and deployment purposes
• Email support of stack traces and bean values

• Parses and performs natural math expressions
• Automatically pre-processes dynamic placeholder elements before processing equations

• Parses value lists on the fly to build list support using any delimiter

Easy Examples
• Provided examples and templates easily demonstrate robustness of jTalk syntax
• Fully featured Weblog template included

Server Control

• Rich server realm control and authentication
• Build unique, datasource driven application level security
• Data encoding supports encryption and decryption
• Tags support parameter and value filtration for greater data security

Session Management
• Participate in multi-server (load balancing) session management with sticky sessions
• Store vital visitor tracking information within browser cookies and/or session variables
• Supports secure (SSL) cookies
• Capture referrer URL data

• Supports rich data formatting including DATE, NUMBER, PERCENT and CURRENCY automatically or manually by specified country
• Supports automatic currency conversion to and from EURO

• Rich server redirection support
• Control request parameter subsets on redirection

Loop Support
• Automate recurring routines using the Loop and LoopAbort tags

Automated Routines
• Queue routine events and maintenance scripts at set intervals

• Full support for sending automated email messages
• Include dynamic elements within email body and subject
• Support for usage of text/html format file for email body
• Immediate retrieval of email sending errors with support for conditional processing
• Handles multiple recipients of TO, CC and BCC

Header Control
• Evaluate request parameters from GET and POST operations
• Intelligent non-case-sensitive retrieval of request parameters
• Append parameters to header for redirection
• Incorporate required request parameters to business logic to ensure data integrity