What's Your Story?

Help us find the right Imacination Software product for you based on your needs.

Online Store Hosting
Open your own online store and begin selling on the web today!

Enterprise class E-commerce for your small business

Email connectivity for your web pages

Professional Services
Imacination Software Professional Services can build your online store or powerful web applications for you, quickly and proficiently.

I need an online store for my idea or small business.

If you are looking to create an online store for your existing business or new idea, we have two products to match your needs:

An online store hosted by Imacination - This is the best option for customers who currently have a web site that is hosted by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It requires no software to purchase, and can easily be set up in minutes to begin selling online. It features all of the same features as our software application, but is managed by us for you. You will not need to change your current Internet provider and customers will be able to shop directly from your current web site.

Storefront Application Software - This is the best option for customers who currently host their own web site using a high speed Internet connection and web server computer and software from their office. If you are not sure, then it is likely that your web site is hosted by an ISP.

I am a web designer and want to incorporate email interactivity into my web pages.

Inbox! for Lasso is the product of choice for you. Inbox! requires your web server to be equipped with the Lasso Web Data Engine and allows you to build web pages that can connect to any POP3 email box and display email.