Customer Success Story


High demand for Game machine and Macintosh games challenges online E-tailer to find the right solution to capture sales and deliver the content. This is the story about how E-tailer utilized Imacination Software's Professional Development Services to build a world-class online store serving the most discriminating buyers, with the resources they already had on staff and web design skills.

Key Benefits

  • Shortest development cycle.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Least costly total cost of ownership.

Imacination Software enables customers to safely battle space aliens.

With the tremendous strides in improvement of electronic games in the areas of photo realism, challenge and sophistication the game machine and computer game industry has reached phenomenal growth, appealing to a broader demographic than ever before. To keep up with the demand and deliver the product to the consumer, has stepped up to the plate.

Specializing solely in the sale of electronic games for Macintosh and game machines,'s mission of "delivering the gaming goodness" to the doorstep of the customer is fulfilled by the use of several products and services from Imacination Software.

Now gaming enthusiasts can spend less time and effort shopping for the latest and greatest and more time speeding down race ways, skiing the Alps and battling space aliens from the comfort of their living room.

The Challenge

Capturing the sale, by competing on price and performance. While the model of global customer reach is very appealing to online retailers, many do not have "the right stuff".

"When customers want to buy, they want to buy now. They do cursory research on the Internet to find who has the best deal and then flock to that site. The online store needs to deliver the content and the ability to buy at a rate that contends with the traffic," say Oz Suigitan, president. "If the site isn't ready for the customer's business, another site will be."

Every online store effectively competes for sales with the Amazons of E-tail. Customers are unsympathetic to your store's budget constraints, expecting comparable performance to sites with unlimited hardware and engineering budgets.

Unlike brick and mortar retail, online "e-tailers" have very little room for less than stellar performance. Customers expect to come in, find and buy in a hurry.

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