Customer Success Story

"Success in today's market for E-business is predicated on shortest time to market. You need a partner that your team can rely upon and work closely with. That was delivered upon by Imacination."

-Oz Suigitan, president

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The Solution turned to Imacination Software to help deploy using Ch-Ching!, Imacination's world recognized E-commerce application, jTalk, Imacination's Java Application Server based E-business platform, and Imacination's Professional Development Services to tie everything together. The solution enabled to capture the customers and deliver the goods. Consistently scaling with demand to handle the traffic.

Imacination and worked closely in both development and maintenance to ensure the successful and timely launch. "We had a tremendous degree of confidence in our products and services as a platform for", explains Allon Bendavid, Product Development Manager for Imacination Software. "We knew that most of the business logic for what needed was already there and all they needed initially was a way to quickly work on the user interface of the site. Within a few quick sessions they were able to begin developing their store."

The Model-View-Controller architecture of jTalk facilitated the simultaneous development of the business logic and the interface design. Neither team ever needed to wait for the other to complete before beginning their work.

The Benefits was able to launch on time and capitalize on holiday sales traffic. Months later, has been able to continue on its mission of championing the Macintosh and game machine online game sales, while at the same time continuously updating.

The task may have otherwise been insurmountable without a very seasoned Java development team. Imacination has empowered to build a world-class online store serving the most discriminating buyers, with the resources they already had on staff and web design skills.

Suigitan says, "Our type of store cannot get stale. It needs to remain fresh, and that in turn means we need to be able to continue to grow and change the site without taking a break from the 24 hour, seven day a week schedule of online store hours. To that end the jTalk and Ch-Ching! architecture enables us to continue to develop as we need, when we need. We can continue to enhance our site on our own even after the completion of the initial project. Sometimes expanding the interface, other times the business logic."