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As a user of Imacination Software products many support options are available to you ranging from free to paid options. Review the documentation available with your product to determine what levels of support are included.

Prior to contacting various technical support resources, please consult the provided documentation and online resources listed herein. If no resource matches your needs, consider the following support options:

Free Support

You may qualify for limited free technical support with an Imacination representative. Please review the included documentation for free support parameters and access methods such as email or telephone numbers.

Free direct access technical support is generally limited to installation and basic usage questions of Imacination products and services.

Paid Support

Any Imacination product or service qualifies for paid technical support options. Paid technical support is available for the low cost of $99 per incident up to one incident hour and is the best resource for resolution of mission critical application problems.

Pre-payment is required via credit card and is refunded in cases where an incident is directly related to a bug in Imacination products or services as determined by the support agent at the time of the incident.

To purchase, please call Imacination Technical Support at 805-650-8153.


Periodic group training is offered and available throughout the year at various US locations. Special training can be arranged at customer's site on request, inquiries should be addressed to [email protected].