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An Introduction To iTunes U For The iPhone 4S by Emma Rosher

Apple have recently launched their new iTunes U service for the iPhone 4S device. This new educational software is available as an application and brings numerous benefits for tutors and teachers by enabling them to distribute material to pupils and students who are using the 4S or other Apple device.

The iTunes U software for the iPhone 4S allows educational material to be posted that can be easily accessed by students. Rather than relying on textbooks and more traditional material this software allows interactive content to be distributed which has many benefits for the user. Audio and video content is supported by the application meaning that text documents can be supplemented with relevant videos and attachments. The whole process of posting material is a relatively simple affair. To start with you need to create your own iTunes U site which uses a similar format to the Apple iTunes store. This means that layout and navigation is already familiar to anybody who has used an Apple product before. Once this site has been set up then material can then be posted. Even if you are a newcomer to using services such as this there are a number of templates available which make setting up your own site a very easy task.

Once material has been posted on your iTunes U site students and pupils can then access this with their iPhone 4S. Once material has been uploaded you can choose whether you want it to be accessed locally or internationally. If you chose the local option then information can only be accessed by students who are enrolled at your school or institution. The international option makes content available worldwide which will benefit users all over the world as well as help your school gain recognition if the material that has been uploaded is of a high standard. The iTunes U service also has numerous benefits for students with disabilities. The software works with Apples Voice over software which translates everything that appears on screen into an audio format. Students with learning difficulties will also find this software very useful. The service really does take the classroom to the student meaning that they can learn at their own pace and the interactive content helps reinforce any information that may be written in the text.

The iTunes U service for the iPhone 4S shows that the device can be used for much more than the traditional games and applications that we associate with the phone. This excellent software is a great educational tool that can benefit millions of students worldwide.

The iPhone 4S and the White iPhone 4S are available now.


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