Getting The Most Out Of iTunes by Rorry Garren
Getting The Most Out Of iTunes by Rorry Garren

Around the world, more digital media is played on iTunes than any other program. Many users aren’t familiar with every single feature on iTunes; part of the reason for that is that iTunes is updates on a regular basis. There are many sites on the Internet that have information on the iTunes media player.

When people think of iTunes, they think of a music player; however, the truth is that iTunes can play all sorts of media. The iTunes media player can play television shows, films, radio stations, and podcasts.

One feature of iTunes that not everyone uses is the ability to stream radio stations. Nearly every station that can be found on the radio can also be found online. The first thing you’ll want to do is see what stations are already programmed into iTunes; to do this, just click on radio in the iTunes menu. There’s a good chance that you won’t be satisfied with the selection. You can still listen to the radio stream that you want to; just find the URL of the stream on the Internet. Now go back to iTunes and click on the open stream button that should be listed in the advanced menu. This is where you input the URL that you found. The iTunes program will now be able to play the stream.

If you like listening to podcasts, iTunes will be even more useful to you. You can find podcasts on iTunes and load them onto your portable media player. Go to the iTunes store and you’ll be able to quickly and easily find podcasts to listen to. Your other option is to subscribe to a specific podcast that you’re interested in; to do this, click on subscribe to podcast on the advanced menu, then enter the RSS address of the podcast. Once you’re subscribed, you can make downloading new episodes automatic or manual. For many people, iTunes is the primary source for listening to podcasts. In fact, iTunes has contributed significantly to the popularity of podcasts.

For students, the “iTunes U” feature on iTunes Rinse discount code 2012 can be very helpful. This provides a way for students to find lectures that they may have missed. Although its mostly used for lectures, there are many other things that are also uploaded; campus tours, lab demonstrations, sports, language lessons, and anything else related to the college experience can be uploaded to iTunes U. Colleges can get their own page on iTunes Artwork Finder, which makes it very easy for students to find what they are looking for. Today, there are hundreds of institutions across the world that have material on iTunes U.

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