Great Apps For The iPad
Great Apps For The iPad

Are you overwhelmed with all the great apps for the iPad that are available? You are not alone. Some people find it helpful to plan ahead before they go app shopping. One day they’ll look for games, the next they’ll be on the lookout for fitness apps–you get the picture.

If you have a Kindle, you will love the free Amazon Kindle app. Everything you have ever purchased will be available on your iPad. This is great news for bibliophiles.

If you love the stars, you should try out the Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide. This awesome iPad app will tell you all about the stars right over your head, and all you have to do is point your iPad at the sky. Talk about fun and addicting.

Zombie lovers will go for the fun-loving game app Plants vs. Zombies HD. You’ll be rooting for the plants to win as they zap zombies and turn them into mulch. This is a fun app for all ages.

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