What is Siri?

Thanks to Apple Inc for not only offering us terrific latest smartphone designs, but also offering us salient features that enhance performance. Among them include the “virtual personal assistant”, otherwise, known as Siri. But the question still lingers: What is Siri exactly? Let’s get started.

Siri is Apple Inc’s hugely latest software development. It is an application that translates the user’s speech in to commands to perform different operations. The sassy, intelligent iPhone application development can control almost all other services and applications in your smartphone. It works on users’ queries and query history, and a user just needs to speak to Siri to act. It will then deliver the best possible answer to match the user’s questions.

The new voice control will let you do about anything, and everything, mainly by using your voice. A nifty example is when you might want to make a call, or send a text message; what you need to do is tell the voice control, and she will certainly not disappoint.

Which is why if typing doesn’t suit you, you no longer need to worry. This personal assistant will just do the typing for you as you dictate whatever it is that you want. As if it’s not enough, she will send the typed message for you too, provided you tell her the recipient’s name.

Siri is also smart at checking the weather. You just need to ask, and she’ll give you the latest weather forecasts. The technology wizard can even set reminders for you – your only responsibility here is to talk. And a part from reminding you of what you want done at a certain time, the new voice control will take the extra mile and remind you what to do once you get to a certain place.

What’s more, Siri will send emails, find information, schedule meetings, look for contact information, set the alarm, get you directions, set the timer and most thrilling of all, track your stocks; how handy!

In a nut shell, Siri operates like a nonpaid personal assistant; it’s free, and it’s yours along with the impressive handset.

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